• How Much Heating Efficiency Do You Really Need?

    Heating efficiency seems like a straightforward concept, at least at first glance. After all, shouldn't more efficient heating equipment save you money? While the general answer to that question is "yes," there are some notable exceptions. In fact, efficiency can be a bit of a thorny concept, with several potential misunderstandings that may lead to disappointment or poor purchasing decisions. If you're in the market for new heating equipment for your home, there's no question that efficiency should be one of your primary concerns.
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  • Some Benefits Of Having A Furnace Installed In Your New Home

    If you've recently moved into a home without heating, you may be trying out a lot of different things to heat the home up on those cold days and nights. You can cover up with extra blankets, use a heating blanket, and use a small space heater to get some relief during certain times, such as when you're sleeping. However, things would be much easier and more comfortable if you were to have a furnace installed in the home.
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