3 Signs Of AC Blower Motor Problems

Posted on: 20 June 2023


The blower motor in your air conditioning system ensures that air travels around your home. This motor controls airflow by operating your system's fan unit.

If your blower motor has a fault or stops working, then you will notice changes in your system. Read on to learn more about how to identify a blower motor fault. 

1. You Aren't Getting Enough Cooled Air

One of the most obvious signs of blower motor problems is inadequate cooling. Your home won't be as cold as it should be when your system runs.

For example, you might feel that the air coming out of your vents isn't cold enough. Or, it might come through more weakly than it should. In some cases, you won't get any cooled air at all.

If your blower motor can't work at full capacity, say because it is clogged with dirt and dust, then it can't create the airflow you need. A broken part can stop a motor from working at all.

2. Your System Overheats

Blower motors sometimes overheat. If a motor has trapped dust or dirt in its parts, then this debris will heat up and make the motor too warm. This can also happen if a motor has a faulty or worn part or has to work too hard to do its job.

If your motor is overheating, then your AC might turn itself on and off all the time. It won't stay on for as long as it should.

In extreme cases, a hot motor can trip a circuit. If it uses too much power, then it can cause an overload and your electrical system will shut the circuit down temporarily. When you reset the trip switch, your AC might work for a while before tripping the circuit again when the motor heats up.

Sometimes, you'll also smell a burning odor from your main unit. If your motor gets too hot, then any dust or dirt on it might burn briefly.

3. You Hear Strange Noises

Faulty blower motors sometimes make unusual noises as they work. This can be a sign that the motor has a faulty part or is about to die.

For example, if you hear a rattling sound, then the motor's wheel or bolts might have come loose. Dirt in the motor can make a grinding noise.

While these problems can all be a sign of a faulty blower motor, they might also be caused by other faults in your system. To find out what has gone wrong, contact a company like Arc Electric & Air Conditioning & Heating Inc.