4 Important Maintenance Steps That Keep Your New AC Equipment In Good Condition

Posted on: 26 May 2023


A new air conditioning system costs a lot of money, so you want it to have a nice long life and break down as little as possible. Maintenance is the solution for longevity and reliability. Even though your AC is new, it will need maintenance right from the start. Here are four important things you must do for your new equipment.

1. Change The Filter

You may want to read the owner's manual that came with your AC for advice on how often to change the filter. It might be every month when your AC runs every day. It's a good idea to stock up on filters so that when it's time to change one, you'll have a filter on hand and won't forget to change it because you have to run out and get a new filter later. A clogged-up filter can cause damage to your equipment and even cause it to break down, so changing the filter on time should be a top priority when it comes to taking care of your AC.

2. Have An Annual Tuneup

You'll need an annual tune-up of your air conditioning system. This is usually done in the spring so your air conditioning system will be ready for summer. If your AC is new, talk to your contractor about when you need to have your first tuneup done. Keeping up with tune-ups and holding onto the documentation is important so you have proof of maintenance in case it's ever needed for your warranty or insurance agent.

3. Keep Air Flowing Through The Equipment

It's important to change the filter regularly so it won't get clogged up and block airflow. Any problem with airflow should be corrected so there is plenty of ventilation around the air handler and condenser or your air conditioning system may not be able to cool your home very well. Airflow problems might be caused by weeds growing up around the condenser, grass clippings blocking the fins on the condenser, and furniture or curtains blocking air conditioning vents in the house.

4. Keep The Equipment Clean

If your air handler is in the basement or attic where it can get dusty, it's a good idea to dust and vacuum it regularly so dust doesn't build up inside. If the air handler or condenser gets dirty, it can malfunction. One problem that may happen is ice will build on dirty refrigerant lines. The air conditioning technician can clean the unit more thoroughly during the tuneup if it's needed. The technician may also need to clean the condensation drain line and treat it to kill algae so the line won't back up and spill water inside the air handler.

For help with your air conditioning unit, contact an HVAC contractor in your area.