When Is The Right Time For You To Consider Air Conditioner Replacement?

Posted on: 11 July 2023


If homeowners could be granted a wish during the hot summer months, it might well consist of a request to get through the season without experiencing a major air conditioning system breakdown. Many of these same homeowners may already have concerns about the age or condition of their existing air conditioning system but be unsure how to determine whether they should continue repairing it or cut their losses and install a new system. If you are a homeowner in this situation, here are some good points to consider. 

Is the current AC system an energy hog? 

One of the first things homeowners should consider is whether their energy usage is rising and whether the increased usage can be attributed to their existing air conditioning system. To do this, homeowners will need to look beyond the monetary amount of their power bill and focus on the electricity usage amount during the summer over the past few years. If the amount of energy used has risen significantly during the years being compared, with no other significant changes to the electrical usage in the home, then the rise in usage might well be the fault of the current aging or inefficient air conditioning system. Many electric companies, as well as private services, offer home energy audits that can provide homeowners with accurate information about home energy usage.

Is the amount of repair bills increasing each year? 

Homeowners who are already dealing with air conditioning repair bills can use this information to help them decide whether it is time to plan for the replacement of their home's air conditioning system. In most instances, homeowners who are spending an increasing amount on air conditioning repairs, especially for costly emergency repairs needed after business hours, are likely to save money by installing a new air conditioning system. 

Is there another type of benefit to be had by replacing the current system? 

In addition to energy usage and repair bills, there can be many other good reasons to consider replacing your current air conditioning system with a new, higher-efficiency model. Some important examples might include when you are planning to sell the home or when the occupants of the home could benefit by installing a new system with better filtration to help with allergies or respiratory health issues. 

If you are unsure what to do about your current AC system, consider reaching out to an AC services provider.