A Couple Of Keys To Cleaning Your AC Coils

Posted on: 15 October 2015

An AC machine is easy to neglect and forget. After all, it runs automatically, so you really don't have to worry about it until your utility bill comes in the mail. If you want to keep your system running at its optimal level of efficiency, you need to do more than simply change your filter from time to time. Coils are integral to the functioning of your system, so you need to make sure that you maintain them properly.
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HVAC Duct Cleaning: How To Do A Simple Cleaning Job Yourself

Posted on: 13 October 2015

Your air conditioning ducts need to be cleaned at least once every few years. If your ducts are full of dirt and debris, that dirt and debris is going to be pumped through your house every time you turn on your air conditioning system. In order to protect your lungs from excess dust and in order to protect your house as well, you need to clean out your ducts. Here is how to quickly clean out your ducts yourself.
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Air Conditioning: Why A Filter-Centric Cleaning Is A Must

Posted on: 12 October 2015

Air conditioner filters trap mold, dust and other air impurities. This usually goes a long way in improving the air quality in a home. But the benefit of a well-functioning filter usually extends beyond ensuring that the air that you and your family breathe is clean. It also helps to prevent the clogging of air conditioner coils, hence preventing a possible drop in your unit's performance levels. However, in a bid to protect your air conditioner from the negative effects of dust and mold accumulation, the filters themselves can sometimes get clogged.
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2 Reasons To Consider A Forced-Air Heating System

Posted on: 8 October 2015

One of the most popular heating options available is a forced-air system, and with good reason as this system provides many advantages over its competition. A forced-air heating system utilizes a furnace to heat the home. You should consider utilizing this kind of heating system because it is one of the most cost-effective options and it can heat your home quickly. Cost-Effective One of the biggest reasons to use a forced-air heating system is that it can be quite a bit less expensive to install than its chief competition, radiant heating.
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