HVAC: Don't Make These Common Mistakes

Posted on: 6 December 2021


There are some common mistakes homeowners make with their HVAC systems that can end badly. In some cases, those mistakes cause their utility bills to increase. In other cases, those mistakes can lead to serious repair issues or even the need for a new unit prematurely. Here are examples of mistakes you are going to want to avoid and how an HVAC tech can help: 

Don't shut some of the registers

The registers in each room can usually be moved around, so you can direct the air to blow in a certain direction. The registers can also be closed all the way, preventing any air from coming out of them. Many people think shutting the registers in unused rooms can actually save them money. However, what it can really do is create added pressure throughout the system. 

This added pressure can end up causing leaks. The leaks will raise the energy bills, make it harder to regulate the home's temperature, and put more stress on the system. If you have already made this mistake and feel you have a leak in the system, then have a technician come to fix things. 

Don't ignore the outside unit

Your central HVAC system can be so quiet and unintrusive that it can be easy for you to enjoy the fruits of its labor while forgetting there's an entire unit outside running everything. While this unit doesn't require much more maintenance than having the HVAC tech come out annually to service the system, you do have something to do. 

You need to make sure the area within the two feet area around the housing is clear. It needs to be clear of trash, weeds, and anything else. If you accidentally neglected this task and now the system is acting up, then you want to have the technician come take care of any necessary repairs. 

Don't run the system with a dirty filter or no filter

You have to keep the air filter clean or the system is going to have to work much harder than it should to draw in air. Plus, the air quality in your system will suffer. If you live in a dusty area, have a dirt yard, have pets, or smoke in the house, then you need to replace the filter more often than some. 

It can be easy to forget to grab an air filter while you are out. You may think you are better off taking the dirty filter out and running the unit without one for a bit. If you run the system without the filter, then the dust will be sucked into the system and settle on the evaporator coils, which can lead to the system freezing and can cause possible damage to the compressor. It can also raise the energy bills and make your home dustier. If you have run the system without the filter and now it is having problems, call a tech out right away.

For more tips, reach out to a local HVAC contractor.