A Noisy AC Might Indicate The Need For One Of These Air-Conditioning Repairs

Posted on: 14 September 2021


A noisy air conditioner is annoying, especially when you're trying to sleep at night. Even worse, an AC that's too loud could be signaling there is a problem with a part that's on the brink of failure. When your AC is too loud and you don't know why, call an air-conditioning repair professional for help. Here are some things that might be wrong.

When The Condenser Is Too Loud

When the loud noise is coming from the condenser, there could be a few reasons why. One is a problem with the compressor. The compressor has plates inside it that turn to pump refrigerant through the system. If the plates get out of alignment and start scraping against each other, you could hear loud noises. Your AC may stop cooling your house too. When the compressor makes loud noises, it may need to be replaced since parts of the compressor can't be opened up for repairs.

Another part of the condenser that can start making loud noises is the contactor. This is an electrical part that can wear down due to age. When the contactor is faulty, it can make a loud buzzing sound. The solution for this problem is to have a new contactor put in the condenser.

The fan can also make a lot of noise if a blade gets loose and starts banging against the metal condenser. The motor that drives the fan can also get noisy when the bearings go bad. The air-conditioning repair technician can determine why the fan or motor is noisy and then fix the problem. In the case of bad bearings, the motor may need to be replaced since the motor is sealed and the bearings can't be lubricated.

When The Air Handler Is Too Loud

When the air handler indoors is making loud noises, the problem is probably with the blower parts. The blower is held in place with screws, and if a screw vibrates loose, the blower fan might start wobbling and making noise. This is an easy air-conditioning repair since all that's needed is to tighten the screw.

Just like the motor bearings can go bad with the condenser fan, the bearings can go bad with the blower fan. When that happens, the motor might need to be replaced. If the motor has a belt drive, then the belt might also be a cause of loud noises. When the belt is loose or worn down, it might make screeching noises. This is another fairly easy air-conditioning repair since all that's needed is to replace the belt.