AC Failures That Are Often Caused By Summer Heat And Dirty Units

Posted on: 6 July 2021


As the summer weather is beginning to reach record temperatures, your AC might seem like it is running nonstop. This causes a lot of stress on AC systems, which can lead to problems and failures that cause the system to turn off. Therefore, you might need to have some repairs done to deal with the AC problems during the hottest weather. The following AC problems are common failures that start during summer heatwaves.

The AC Turning On Sporadically or Shutting Off

One of the first issues that you might have to deal with due to dirty components is the AC turning off. The first problem that needs to be checked if your system is turning off and on sporadically is the capacitor. A bad capacitor might cause issues with the system turning on, which may damage electrical components and cause dirt to build up. Keeping your system clean and regularly checking electrical components can prevent these issues.

Dirty Components That Cause Problems

There are also issues with dirty components that can cause a lot of problems with your AC during hot weather. This problem might be as simple as an air filter, or it might be due to other issues like clogged condensation drains. These issues vary in severity, but they can all cause problems with the performance of your AC system. Therefore, you might need help dealing with them when they cause issues.

Ice Building Up On AC Coils and Compressor

There could also be problems with ice building up on components like the compressor, condensate lines, and condensing coils. This happens due to dirt and dust that allows condensation to form. When your AC turns on, this moisture will freeze, and the ice can cause severe damage. The system needs to be thawed when this happens, and it might need to have repairs done if components like the compressor have been damaged.

AC Leaks That Cause Air-Conditioning to Stop Cooling

There might also be issues with leaks due to stress and dirty components. If you have an older AC unit, debris, clutter, and problems with ice can lead to leaks. This will slowly cause the AC to stop cooling. First, you may notice the cycles becoming longer, and then there will be warm air coming out of the vents. Your AC is going to need repairs before the system can be recharged with refrigerant.

The problems with your AC can start as issues with the dirty filters and ice problems but can quickly turn into leaks and severe damage. Contact an air-conditioning repair service to have these issues looked at when the summer weather is causing more stress on your system.