Advice for Cleaning Dirty AC Condenser Coils

Posted on: 1 June 2021


If your home has an outdoor unit known as a condenser, it will have coils that eventually get dirty. You can clean them yourself, which is important to do so that the condenser is able to work efficiently. Here are some tips that can make this cleaning task a lot easier.

1. Use a Foam Cleaning Product

You will have to use a cleaning product on these coils at some point, especially if you've allowed dirt to collect on them for a really long time. Make sure you go with a foaming cleaning product. They're very easy to administer because you can see exactly what part of the coils the cleaning solution gets on.

That will keep you from missing sections. Additionally, foam cleaning products made specifically for condenser coils have really strong ingredients. You can let the product sit on the coils and then spray the foam off with a hose. You'll immediately see cleaner coils that are now capable of working more efficiently.

2. Remove Large Debris by Hand

There probably will be some pretty large debris that collects on the condenser coils. You don't need specialized tools for them. Just your two hands will suffice for larger debris. Just make sure you don't grab anything too sharp with your bare hands.

If you're dealing with twigs or something else that is sharp, get some thick gloves. They'll help you avoid hand injuries and make this particular cleaning task much easier to carry out. Do this every couple of months around the condenser coils so that their efficiency isn't affected for a prolonged period of time.

3. Look for Other Dirty Components

The condenser coils have a good probability of getting dirty from things like dirt, but so do other components around these coils. You want to inspect these surrounding parts in addition to cleaning the coils because this will save you future cleaning tasks.

Also, the products you use on the condenser coils can usually be used to clean parts around the coils too. You'll get the same results and really get the condenser unit as a whole primed to work great for many more years.

Condenser coils are going to get dirty no matter what. It will never be that big of a deal if you get in and clean the coils before they're really dirty. For more assistance, reach out to AC repair services like Edelman Inc.