Tips To Keep In Mind For Your HVAC System This Holiday Season

Posted on: 25 November 2020


The start of the holiday season is usually a time for a bit of house cleaning, as you want to prepare your home for having family and friends over during the days to come. But while you are cleaning or scrubbing, don't forget to also be mindful of your residential HVAC system. Here are some tips to keep in mind to ensure optimal use this holiday season, both before and after your guests arrive.

Start the Season with a New Air Filter

Changing the air filter is a relatively simple task and yet it can be easy to overlook or forget about it, even during other times of the year. The holiday season is busier than other times of the year, of course, so it's even more likely you are just going to brush aside tasks like this. But make it a point before the holidays get underway to switch out your filter. This will ensure more efficient use throughout the season and the filter may help to keep dust or germs out of the air for your guests as well.

You Can Turn the Heat Down When There is a Group Over Without Making It Uncomfortable

You are probably used to keeping your HVAC system on a certain setting for your family, but if your house will have quite a few other family members or friends over during the holidays, you can safely turn the thermostat down without worrying about it getting too chilly. This is because a more crowded room with naturally be warmer thanks to everyone's body heat. Keep your thermostat on its normal setting but have it automatically drop a few degrees or more about one hour into the party and no one will be able to tell the difference.

Don't Forget to Make Adjustments If You Won't Be Home for an Extended Period

Are you packing up and heading to a relative's for a few days instead of hosting people yourself? If you will spend any time during the holidays outside of your house, don't forget to turn your HVAC system off or at least down a good bit while you are gone. If your thermostat is programmable, you can set it to start warming the house at normal levels again a few hours before you return from your trip.

The end of the year is also the perfect time to schedule a residential HVAC tune-up with a local professional. Make sure you are prepared to keep your guests nice and warm during the season.