How Annual AC Service Helps Prevent Breakdowns And Keeps Your Air Conditioner Running Efficiently

Posted on: 8 June 2020


When your AC stops blowing cool air, you know you need to call a repair service for help, but you may not realize how important it is to have annual service done on your air conditioner to keep it from breaking down. Here's a look at how an AC service keeps your air conditioner in the best shape possible so it operates efficiently and has fewer malfunctions.

Caring For The Condenser

A good time to call an AC service for a visit is before hot weather sets in and your AC starts running full time. After the condenser has been outside in the weather all fall and winter, it may be dirty, full of decaying leaves, and need to be cleaned and have maintenance work done.

Besides cleaning out the condenser, the service technician also does things like checking the fan blades for balance, test the electronic parts that control the fan motor and compressor, and check the refrigerant level.

Since your AC can have a slow refrigerant leak and not know it, it's good to test the pressure in the line to verify there are no leaks that need to be repaired and that the refrigerant doesn't need to be refilled. If the refrigerant is low, your AC won't operate very well, and it may eventually stop cooling your home.

Servicing The Air Handler

If you have a typical central air conditioner and furnace, the furnace and AC share the same air handler. Since the air handler has been running all winter, it is probably dusty and in need of cleaning and checks for damage and the need for preventative maintenance.

An important part of the air handler is the blower. It's driven by a motor that's controlled with electronic parts. The blower is what pushes cool air through your home in the summer and it blows warm air through your house in the winter. It's good to clean the blower and service the motor during an annual AC maintenance service call.

Sometimes the evaporator coils in the air handler get dirty too, and these need to be cleaned when necessary or the refrigerant that circulates through the coils won't be able to cool your house as well. Another part of the air handler that needs regular service is the drain system that collects condensation and empties it in a drain. If the drain system clogs or develops a leak, water could get in the air handler and cause the AC to shut down.

The work involved in an annual AC service call requires using special tools and working on wiring and electrical parts, so you'll want to call an AC technician to give your condenser and air handler a deep cleaning and parts check. Annual service by a licensed HVAC technician might even be required by the manufacturer of your HVAC unit to keep the warranty valid.

For more information on annual AC service check-ups, contact a local professional.