3 Reasons Your AC System Is Humming

Posted on: 8 August 2019


Your air conditioning system makes a lot of different noises. You need to pay attention to the different sounds that your system makes. If you notice that the system is making a large humming sound, there is something wrong with your system.

Reason #1: Condenser Fan Motor

One of the major reasons that your air conditioning unit may be humming is because there is something wrong with the condenser fan within the motor. The condenser fan helps keep your air conditioning system cool. The fan is located within the motor and helps keep your motor cool.

When the fan starts to go out the consequence is usually that the fan stops spinning or doesn't spin at the right rate. However, power is still being pumped to the fan, it is just not working.

The humming sound is created by the fan not moving, but still getting a source of power. This can be fixed by replacing the condenser fan. If you wait too long to replace the condenser fan, you could also encounter more serious issues as well.

Reason #2: Mechanical Breakdown

Next, the humming sound could be caused by a mechanical or an electrical breakdown. Generally, this happens when the contactor relay switch doesn't work as it should. This type of failure happens more commonly when the outside temperatures get warm. Contractor relay switch breakdowns usually don't happen when the weather outside is mild or cold.

When the contactor relay switch fails this can cause your machine to emit a humming sound.

Once again, this issue can be fixed by switching out and replacing the faulty equipment.

Reason #3: Something Is Off

Sometimes, the reason for the humming is not that obvious. There may just be something inside of your unit that is not installed correctly. There could be a part that is worn out or loose which is causing the humming. In those types of situations, a contractor would need to take apart your unit until they figure out what is causing the humming and can fix or tighten up that part.

When it comes to a humming sound, you need to be careful. A humming sound coming from your air condition system generally means that something is wrong with either the condenser fan or with the mechanical make-up of the system. If you hear a sound you can't explain, call an air conditioning mechanic to come fix the issue for you.