3 Air Conditioning Myths Homeowners Need To Know

Posted on: 24 January 2019


Depending on where you live and the local climate, you may consider your air conditioning system one of the most important parts of the home. Keeping cool while conditioning the home's indoor air quality IS important, so ensuring your AC system is working in the best manner possible is smart. Unfortunately, many homeowners believe a few myths regarding their cooling system, which can actually cause the system stress. Here are a few myths about your AC system that you need to stop believing.

Closing Vents Is Helpful

Many homeowners believe they should close off the vents in rooms where they do not necessarily need air conditioning. For example, if you have a formal dining room or exercise room that you never use, you may think closing the vents will help conserve energy and cooling costs. In reality, this can actually hurt your system.

In most cases, new AC systems are designed to run efficiently, distributing cool air evenly through the entire house. If you close off a register vent, the AC system will continue to run, only it will be disturbing extra cooled air to the other rooms (with open vents) of the house.

Although you may think you are conserving cooled air and energy, the closed vents are only causing the system to distribute the same air/energy to other areas of the house.

Cranking Thermostat Down Will Cool the House Faster

Another myth homeowners believe is that if they crank the thermostat down, they will cool their home faster. Unfortunately, this will not cool your home any faster – it will only place extra stress on your thermostat and the rest of your air conditioning system.

If you have a single-speed AC system, which most homeowners do, the air conditioning will adjust at a set rate. Trying to lower the thermostat to quickly cool the home will not increase how quickly the fan moves, since the air will still move at the same set speed.

Air Conditioning Is Only Needed to Cool

Finally, most homeowners believe the air conditioning's one job is to cool the home. As the name suggests, air conditioning CONDITIONS the air.

During the air conditioning process, warm air is pulled out, transferred, cooled, and then moved back into the home. While removing heat, the air conditioning system removes moisture, as well. A properly-working air conditioning will not only remove heat and cool the home, but it will also maintain healthy humidity levels. 

For assistance inspecting, repairing, or replacing your AC system to ensure it is working in the most efficient way possible, schedule a tune-up with an AC service today.