Tips For Heating Unit System Replacement In A Mobile Home

Posted on: 8 October 2018


If your mobile home's old furnace has breathed its last breath of hot air and needs replacement before the cold winter has set in, then you will be pleased to learn that replacing it is a fairly simple and straightforward process.

As long as you have some basic tools and DIY knowledge, this is a project you can easily tackle yourself. The process of removing your old furnace unit and replacing it with a new one should only take about an hour.

If you want to replace your mobile home's dead furnace with a new one, then following these tips will make the process go smoothly:

Tip: Order a New Furnace with the Correct Energy Usage and Heating Capacity

Mobile home furnace units come in a variety of different electrical usage and heating capacities. For example, there are smaller units designed to heat single-wide mobile homes that use fewer kilowatts of power and produce fewer BTUs of heat than more powerful units designed to heat double-wide and triple-wide mobile homes. 

If you do not know which model you need to purchase, do an online search for the technical specifications for the unit currently installed. While your local home improvement center may sell a mobile home furnace unit, it is likely you will need to order one online. By ordering one with the same ratings for KW used and BTU produced, you will ensure the furnace will work as well as the one it is replacing.

Tip: Turn Off the Power at the Fuse Panel Before Working

Before you ever remove the access cover for your old furnace unit, the electrical power should be turned off at the fuse panel. Additionally, you should use a test light to ensure the power is truly off before attempting to disconnect the furnace's electrical wires. This step is vital to prevent electrocution or serious injury.

Tip: Take Photos Before Removing Anything

Before you get out the screwdriver and start removing your existing furnace, first, get out your cell phone and take photos of the existing one and all of the electrical connections. You can use these photos if you get stuck during the process and aren't sure where a wire is to be connected to the new unit.

Tip: Consider a Professional Installation to Preserve Your Warranty

Finally, it is important to note that most furnace manufacturers will void their warranty if your new furnace isn't installed by a licensed HVAC technician. If you are concerned about its warranty, then you should consider having a professional heating unit installation.