4 DIY Projects To Improve AC Efficiency And Reduce Wear During Summer Heatwaves

Posted on: 25 July 2018


Summer heatwaves are a time when you want to be in your air-conditioned home, nice and cool. The efficiency of your AC is important to reduce strain and wear that can cause problems. In addition to the routine maintenance, there are also DIY projects that you can do to improve efficiency and help reduce AC equipment wear. Here are some DIY projects that will improve the efficiency of your AC and protected from summer failure.

1. Updating The Old Thermostat With A New Programmable Unit

Old outdated thermostats can contribute to the inefficiency of air conditioners. Changing the thermostat is something that can easily be done to improve the efficiency of your AC. Usually, there are only a couple of wires that you will need to remove from the old thermostat to install a new one. If you are not comfortable with changing the thermostat yourself, this is something that an HVAC contractor will be able to quickly do for you.

2. Improving Duct Insulation And Stopping Air Leaks In Your Home

Good duct insulation is important to ensure your HV AC does not lose energy through the ducts. The old ducts can be re-insulated with new materials that insulate them better and reduce energy loss. There are also other improvements that you can do to your home, such as encapsulating a crawl space work is located or adding insulation to the attic of your home.

3. Building An Enclosure To Protect The Outdoor Condensing Unit Of Your AC

Another improvement that you will want to consider for your AC is building an enclosure for the outdoor condensing unit. This AC unit is vulnerable to damage from debris outdoors and dirt can cause problems like AC freezing. Build a simple enclosure with wood fencing around the AC unit to protect it and make it look more attractive. For more protection, add a simple shed roof to the top of the enclosure but make sure you allow for air circulation around the AC unit.

4. Improving Attic Ventilation To Reduce Heat Gain And Keep Your Home Cool

Edit ventilation is also important to keep your home cool. Poor attic ventilation can cause an increase in heat gain, as well as problems like dry rot of wood framing. Make sure that there are plenty of dents in your attic and add vents to the roof if needed. For efficient attic ventilation, your roof should have vents on the eaves as well as on the roof or ridge. Ridge vents are an attractive solution, but often do not provide sufficient ventilation for hot air to flow out of the attic.

These are some DIY projects that will help improve the efficiency of your AC and protected during the extreme summer heat. If you need help with some of the maintenance and repairs for your air conditioning, contact a professional HVAC service like Environmental Contractors to ensure your system is cooling through the summer heat.