How To Maintain A Healthier Furnace

Posted on: 26 November 2017


The efficiency of your furnace is something that is vital to the heating and air conditioning of your home. While most people associate furnace with heating, it is important to realize that is also linked to most central air conditioning systems. When the air conditioning is running, the furnace is often responsible for pumping air from the heat pump, and into the duct system. So, keeping a clean furnace is going to help keep both your heating and air conditioning functions more efficient. Here are three simple thing you should do if you want your furnace to be as efficient as possible.

Remove Clutter Around Your Furnace

The first thing is simple, and it won't have a major effect on the efficiency of your furnace. However, it is very important that you keep the area around your furnace free of clutter and as clean as possible. The problem is is that furnaces are usually located in storage rooms, garages, and basement. Basically, people tend to store stuff, often junk, around the furnace. There is only a slight risk of fire hazard, unless something bizarre happens and you have a gas leak. That being said, if there is a bunch of flammable stuff around your furnace, it can be a major issue. The bigger, and more realistic problem is that the things around your furnace will accumulate dust. The furnace is bound to suck much of this dust up and circulate it into the filtering system, throughout your ducts, and eventually through your home. Basically, keeping the outside of your furnace clean is going to help keep the inside clean too.

Flush Your Duct System

Another easy way to maintain the health of your furnace is to flush your system on a regular basis. Many people close certain registers in their home in order to increase airflow into certain rooms. This is perfectly fine, but it can cause uneven dust accumulation within your duct system. It can even cause dust to recirculate back into the furnace. So, it is a good idea to flush your ducts at least once a year by opening them all up and turning your heat or air conditioning on high. Fair warning, this could blow a lot of dust through the ducts that were previously closed, so it might be helpful to have a vacuum on hand.

With cleaner ducts and a clutter-free perimeter around your furnace, you can ensure greater productivity.