3 Ways to Improve Your Boiler's Efficiency with the Addition of Solar Energy

Posted on: 11 August 2016


The heating and cooling of your home is probably one of the biggest energy expenses you have. Energy improvements to your cooling or heating may be on the top of your list of improvements that need to be done for your home. With the winter cold right around the corner, now is a good time to start considering some of the ways you can save on heating when the weather starts to get cooler. One good way to do this is integrate solar energy into your boiler. Here are some of the ways that you can integrate solar energy into your boiler and home heating system.

1. Solar Water Heaters That Collect Energy from the Sun to Power Your Boiler

Solar water heaters can be simple collectors—basically square panels full of pipes and covered with glass. This type of heater is one of the most affordable solar solutions that you can add to your home. This can be a simple solution to integrate solar energy into the design of your boiler. The collectors can heat water, which can go directly to your boiler, thus reducing the energy needed to heat water and providing your home with heating.

2. A Solar Panel to Produce Electricity and Power Components for Your Boiler

Installing a solar panel can be something that you may want to do to reduce the electricity consumption of your boiler. The solar panels can be used to power different components of your heating, such as motors and heating elements. This may be an additional feature that you will want to consider adding to boilers that use alternative energy resources, such as a pellet.

3. More Efficient Solar Water Heaters and Storage Tanks to Give Your More Energy

Some solar water heaters can be very efficient and even provide your home with all the hot water you need for sanitary use. One of these heaters can also be integrated with a boiler that is used for heating by adding a thermal storage tank, which can provide hot water for plumbing and the thermal energy needed to heat your home. This is best with an evaporated tube collector, which consists of pipes sealed in glass tubes for better thermal conductivity and energy efficiency.

These are some of the ways that you can improve the heating in your home with solar energy. If you are ready to have solar energy integrated with your boiler, contact an HVAC contractor such as Action Appliance Services and talk with them about using some of these ideas.