3 Signs That Your Heating System Is In Need Of Professional Repair

Posted on: 5 November 2015


If it is important for you and your family to stay nice and warm during the cold winter months, then you need to be aware of the signs that indicate it is time to call in a professional. This way, you will not accidentally wait until you are completely without heat before making that phone call.

You Hear A Lot Of Banging Sounds

It is not unusual for you to hear a slight noise when the heating system first kicks on. However, if that noise is starting to get a lot louder, or if it is happening more frequently, you might have a serious problem on your hands. It could be that the heating system motor is starting to malfunction. It could be that there is a belt in the system that is starting to wear thin. Either way, this is not an issue that you are going to want to ignore. After all, in many cases, it is cheaper to fix the problem when you first notice it than to wait until the heating unit completely stops working, as that one malfunctioning part can actually cause damage to other internal parts.

You Are Smelling Something Burning

There is a good chance that you will smell something a little strange when you first turn on the furnace for the first time for this heating season, especially if you have a propane or natural gas furnace. However, this smell should quicker dissipate over a couple of hours or even a mere couple of minutes. If the smell is not going away or it is appearing after the furnace has been running for a while, you might have a serious issue on your hands. There could be a wire or two getting a little too hot within the furnace. The blower fan could be getting stuck, which would cause a slight burning smell to come from the furnace as it tries to push the fan to move without success. Either way, you will want to shut down the furnace and call an emergency HVAC contractor because you do not want to risk having a fire in the home. 

There Is A Long Delay In Your Furnace Igniting

This is a concern for any type of furnace, but especially if you have a natural gas or propane furnace. With those furnaces, you have a pilot light, which is an open flame. If there is a delay in the igniting of the furnace, it could be that the flame is too low and that the gas is building up to a significant amount before it finally reaches that flame. This would result in not only the delay, but it can cause an explosion type sound, which can be unsettling and potentially dangerous if the pilot light flame expands and reaches something that can catch fire. Even if you have an electric furnace, this could be an issue due to a bad electrical line that stretches from the thermostat to the furnace itself. Either way, it is time to call in a professional.

With those three signs in mind, you should have no issues when it comes to determining whether you need to call a professional HVAC technician. To find out more, speak with a business like Alliance Heating & Cooling LLC.