Air Conditioning Maintenance That Helps Your AC Work Efficiently To Keep Your House Cool

Posted on: 2 March 2023


Annual air conditioning maintenance is important so your AC can keep your home cool while not making your power bill soar. Clean and serviced equipment can cool better, work more efficiently, and keep you comfortable when it's hot, humid, and miserable outdoors.

Here are four important air conditioning maintenance steps. 

1. Refrigeration Check

Air conditioners don't leak refrigerant unless there's a problem. The level of refrigerant should always be the same, but your air conditioning maintenance technician should check it just to make sure you don't have a leak.

If the refrigerant is low, your AC won't be able to keep your house cool without running longer. It may not be able to cool your house at all if enough refrigerant is lost. That's why it's important to check the refrigerant during annual maintenance.

2. Evaporator And Condenser Coil Check

If the refrigerant coils are dirty, the cooling process is affected. The evaporator coil is where heat is drawn out of your home and carried to the outdoors where it's released through the condenser coil. If either of these is coated in grime or dust, your home won't cool as well and a coil might even ice over.

The air conditioning maintenance technician may need to clean the coils by scrubbing, rinsing, or using coil cleaner to get them clean and ready for the summer.

3. Fan And Blower Check

The fans in your air conditioner are important for cooling your home too. The fan in the condenser blows heat from the condenser and condenser coil so the coil and refrigerant can cool down before cycling back indoors. Once indoors, the blower fan blows over the evaporator coil to create air movement that blows out of the ducts. While the air blows over the coil, it cools down and has humidity removed.

Both of these fans are serviced during an annual air conditioning maintenance call so they work optimally to keep your home nice and cool.

4. Thermostat Check

It's easy to overlook the thermostat, but it plays an essential role in cooling down your house. It signals the AC to turn on and off, so if the thermostat is malfunctioning, your AC may not run long enough, run too long, or not turn on at all.

The thermostat may need to be cleaned and then tested to make sure it's working accurately. When your thermostat and air conditioner work properly and work well together, your AC is more efficient so your power bills stay in control.