Air Conditioning Installation Services: Why Invest In A Floor Mounted AC

Posted on: 21 June 2022


Before choosing an AC unit for your home, it's crucial to establish your residence's specific cooling needs. This way, you can settle for a piece of equipment that can achieve desired room temperatures without surpassing your home's expected monthly energy consumption. A cooling unit that's the right fit for your home is also guaranteed to serve you well over an extended period, allowing you to push back air conditioning replacement for a couple more years.

Since there are so many air conditioning options in the market, you can feel overwhelmed and not know which piece of equipment to settle for. Thankfully, you can reach out to air conditioning installation services and allow professionals to guide you during the purchasing process. This article will highlight why an AC technician might recommend you invest in a floor-mounted AC.


As you know, most air conditioning units are wall-mounted; however, for them to be efficient, there needs to be enough room for their ventilation system to keep them from overheating. So, if your residence has limited wall space, choosing a wall-mounted unit might not be ideal because insufficient ventilation will accelerate its aging process. You're better off choosing a floor-mounted piece of equipment; this way, you can rest easy knowing your cooling unit won't overheat.

Additionally, your floor console won't require you to conduct AC ductwork; making is especially preferable for renters who want to enjoy comfortable indoor spaces without making any structural changes to their rental unit.


Another reason to invest in a floor-standing AC is its portability. The flexible unit can be moved across your home, allowing you to enjoy immediate comfort in different sections of your home.

The floor console's portability also makes its installation straightforward and affordable. All air conditioning installation services have to do is set the equipment up, so you know the labor fee will be affordable.


Lastly, you should consider installing a floor-mounted AC because it is a low-maintenance cooling unit that ensures you won't get stuck with high operational costs. For starters, the unit comes with an in-built washable filter screen that your AC technician will have an easy time keeping clean. What's more, it has an in-built tray that collects any dripping precipitation, ensuring you don't have to clean the floor beneath it.

If a floor-mounted AC is an appealing choice for you, this is your cue to liaise with air conditioning installation services to help you purchase one for your home.