Clear Signs Of Sump Pump Repair Issues

Posted on: 15 July 2020


Plumbing professionals can deal with a lot of problems within the home, including the repair of your sump pump. Sump pumps are instrumental in keeping your basement free of moisture, and you should be investigating your sump pump often to see if it is working correctly. When completing your investigation, you should be looking for some clear signs that the pump requires professional assistance.

Water Is Pouring Back Into The Pump

If you hear your sump pump turn on and hear a splash of water coming running back into the sump pit once it turns off, then this is a sign of a failure issue. And, if the problem is not addressed right away, the continual activation of the sump motor can cause it to burn out. 

Typically, this sort of issue is caused by a failure of the check valve. The valve is not located within the sump pump itself, but it is part of the overall drainage system. The valve is actually located inside the drainage pipe that channels water away from your basement. The valve opens to let water flow out of the pipe, and it closes as water starts to come back downward. However, the valve can stick and stay open. While some of the water will release, much of it will flow all the way back to the sump pump. 

The valve can be replaced along with the drainage pipe or the check valve can be replaced on its own. The depends on the location and type of valve and whether it can or cannot be removed from the drainage line. 

Running Pump With No Water In The Pit

If you notice that your sump pump is constantly running, even when there is little to no water in the pit, then this is a sign of a malfunction. In this case, the float switch is likely the culprit. The float switch will float up in a chamber as water starts to rise in the sump pit. This activates the pump and it turns off once the float drops down. Unfortunately, built-up grime and sludge can trap the float in the "on" position.

Floats can often be unstuck or replaced, but this does require taking the unit apart. If this is necessary, then your plumbing professional will clean out the entire unit to make sure that issues are not caused by muddy build-up.

In some cases, the unit may be malfunctioning regardless of the position of the float. A complete replacement may then be needed.