Tips For Preventing The Need For Furnace Repairs In The Winter Months

Posted on: 18 May 2018


During the freezing winter months, it can cost homeowners a lot of money to heat their homes and keep them at a comfortable temperature. Since heating costs can be quite high, most people don't want to deal with an expensive furnace repair bill as well. Luckily, there are several things that a person can do to help prevent the need for furnace repairs or limit the amount of money spent on furnace repairs. Use the following tips to help keep your furnace operating properly all winter long.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

A furnace is a mechanical device with many different components-- when maintenance is ignored, it is not uncommon for parts of the furnace to wear out or stop working properly, which can necessitate a furnace repair. One of the easiest ways to avoid this problem is by having your furnace tuned up and maintained by an experienced HVAC company each fall. During a furnace tune-up, all of the components will be checked, lubricated as needed, and cleaned. The HVAC technician will also identify potential issues that can be repaired at an affordable price before they become major problems that will require a major repair.

Run Your Furnace at the Right Temperature

Many people don't know that the majority of furnaces have a stable temperature where they run their best and are most efficient. Keeping your thermostat set at your furnace's stable temperature can help ensure that it runs as efficiently as possible, thus reducing the amount of wear and tear on the internal components. If you still have your furnace's owners manual, you can most likely find the stable temperature for your make and model in there. In the event that you do not have the owners manual, contact an HVAC services company -- in most cases, they can inspect your furnace and let you know the optimal stable temperature.

Replace the Air Filter

A furnace can't run properly when the air filters are filled with dirt, dust, and debris. During the winter months, it is very important to check the air filters regularly and replace them promptly as needed. Many people buy inexpensive spun fiberglass filters for their furnaces, but you may want to consider investing in pleated disposable filters that have a much greater filtering ability and last much longer. Before changing out an air filter, make sure that you purchase the proper type and size for your make and model of furnace. 

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