5 Ways To Lower Your Heating Bills This Winter

Posted on: 9 November 2015


When winter rolls around, one of the things homeowners look forward to the least are heating bills. They can easily cost hundreds of dollars a month, especially if the house is very big. If you are worried about how much your heating costs will be this year, you can make some simple changes. Here are five effective ways to lower your heating bills this winter:

Do Something About Those Windows

Before the temperatures even get down to below freezing, you have to make sure your windows are prepared. If the windows in your house are old and poorly insulated, they will not do a very good job at conserving heat. Wrapping your windows with plastic wrap will prevent heat from escaping out of them.

Use Your Ceiling Fans

If you have ceiling fans in your home, take advantage of them this winter. They can help lower your heating bills more than you think. When the ceiling fans run clockwise, they will help trap heat from the ceiling and spread it throughout your home, easing the burden on your heating system.

Add Moisture to the Air

Winter weather can make the air inside your home very dry, which can make you feel colder. If you put a humidifier in the living room, it can add moisture to the air, helping your home hold heat a lot better.

Get Your Furnace Serviced

Having your furnace serviced by a heating contractor every year is crucial, even if your system is fairly new and seems to be working just fine. An experienced heating contractor will ensure all the components of the furnace are running as efficiently as possible. If there is a problem with the furnace, he can fix it before it gets worse.

Open the Oven Door

You probably use your oven a lot more often in the wintertime to bake different treats. Do not let all of that extra heat go to waste. If you leave your oven door open for about 15 to 20 minutes after you get done baking something, it will heat up your house and give your furnace a bit of a break.

Your heating bills do not have to drain your bank account. If you follow these helpful tips, you can keep your heating costs affordable this winter. However, if your heating bills are still costing you too much, have a heating contractor such as RA Styron Heating and Air Conditioning look at your furnace soon.