A Couple Of Keys To Cleaning Your AC Coils

Posted on: 15 October 2015


An AC machine is easy to neglect and forget. After all, it runs automatically, so you really don't have to worry about it until your utility bill comes in the mail. If you want to keep your system running at its optimal level of efficiency, you need to do more than simply change your filter from time to time. Coils are integral to the functioning of your system, so you need to make sure that you maintain them properly. 

What Causes Problems for Your Coils

You have a set of evaporator coils on the inside of your house. These coils are not exposed to outside air, but depending on your climate, there might still be enough particulates in the air to get your coils dirty. The condenser coils on the outside of your home are much more likely to get dirty. Garbage, dandelion fluff, dead leaves, lawn clippings, dirt, insect carcasses, and more can get caught in your coils. Once dirt and grime begin to coat your coils, they block off the airflow through the coils, and the more your coils get clogged, the less efficient your system is. In fact, dirty coils can decrease your system efficiency by 30%

How to Clean Your Coils

If you want to keep your coils clean, you can call an AC repair service to clean your coils, but you could also use the following steps to clean your own coils: 

1. Check your evaporator coils. If the cover to your coils is not bolted down, you should be able to remove it, spray a little coil cleaner on the coils, and scrub them clean with a stiff bristle brush. If the cover is bolted down, you need to leave cleaning the coils to the professionals. 

2. Once your evaporator coils are clean, take a wet/dry vac outside and suck up any loose material on the condenser coils. 

3. Next spray on a coil cleaner and allow at least five minutes to allow the solvents in the cleaner to break down the grime on your coils.

4. Use a stiff bristle brush to scrub your coils clean.

5. If you feel like it is necessary, you can rinse your coils with a gentle stream of water. 

Coil cleaning is not difficult, but it can make a big difference in your AC system's overall efficiency. Thus, you should frequently inspect your coils and clean them when necessary. More info can be found here.