2 Reasons To Consider A Forced-Air Heating System

Posted on: 8 October 2015


One of the most popular heating options available is a forced-air system, and with good reason as this system provides many advantages over its competition. A forced-air heating system utilizes a furnace to heat the home. You should consider utilizing this kind of heating system because it is one of the most cost-effective options and it can heat your home quickly.


One of the biggest reasons to use a forced-air heating system is that it can be quite a bit less expensive to install than its chief competition, radiant heating. A forced-air heating system is going to be cheaper than a radiant system because it is going to take less work to actually install. If your home already has a vent and duct system in place for your cooling system, then the only real work that needs to be done to get a forced-air system up and running is to install a furnace. 

With a radiant heating system, a lot more work is going to be needed. In addition to actually installing a boiler, pipes, and heating pads throughout the house, the installers will also need to tear up your floors, walls, and possibly your ceiling.

The reason for this is that the pipes and heating pads that a radiant system requires need to be installed within the floors, walls, and ceiling. This also means that the whole installation process will also take longer as the installers will then need to fix all of the floors and walls.

Heat Your Home Quickly

Another major reason to consider a forced-air heating system is if you want to heat your house as quickly as possible when it is cold outside. A forced-air heating system can accomplish this because the furnace will heat the air to whatever temperature your thermostat is set to before using fans to distribute it throughout the house. This means that the air coming out of your vents will be warm almost immediately.

A radiant heating system cannot really offer this as you will have to wait through multiple steps before you actually feel your home warming up. This is because a radiant system needs to warm up the pipes and panels first, then the adjacent walls and floors, and then the air within your home. Sure, this process doesn't take hours, but it does take noticeably longer to heat your home than it would take a forced-air system to heat the same space.

Speak to an HVAC professional today in order to discuss the many different heating options that he or she can provide. A forced-air system is the perfect choice for people who want a warm house as quickly as possible, or who want to save a bit of money on the equipment and labor costs. Try here for more information.